Despite being a small country on the "edge of the world", for decades Norway has been playing a major role in some of the most protracted and difficult conflict situations around the world. And being the home of the renown Nobel Peace Prize has also inspired vibrant discussions on issues of peace and conflict among scholars and students. This legacy has created an academic environment with world-leading research in the fields related to International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies.

iStockAre you interested in expanding your horizons by learning more about international issues and how the world works? Bjørknes University College, situated in Norway’s capital Oslo, offers a unique study experience for both Norwegian and international students in a small and intimate college setting. The programme draws on expertise from Norway’s renowned peace research community. Students will be challenged to discuss and analyse both historical and current international issues and receive advanced academic training. As the first educational institution in Norway offering Peace and Conflict Studies at an undergraduate level, we are confident that you will not regret spending a semester with us.

International Focus

Bjørknes is a small university college with a broad international focus and network. In addition to collaborating with a number of international institutions, we facilitate study trips and exchange programmes to the United States, Tanzania, the Middle East, South Africa, Australia and Svalbard. Each autumn we invite international students to spend an exciting semester with us in Oslo.

Electives for International Students

The range of courses which are offered in English during the autumn semester are revised annually. Students take three courses, which make up a full semester’s workload (30 ECTS credits). Courses previously offered to international students include Terrorism and CounterterrorismThe Geopolitics of the Arctic, The Ethics of War and Peace, Global Armed Conflict, The United States in the Middle East, Foreign Policy Analysis, Africa Then and Now, Global Governance, and International Political Thought.

Institutional Links

Over the years, Bjørknes University College has established strong institutional links with other academic and research institutions, such as the renowned Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO),  International Law and Policy Institute (ILPI), the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and the Nobel Institute.

Distinguished Lecturers

Bjørknes University College draws on the longstanding Norwegian diplomatic tradition of promoting conflict resolution through mediation. We also draw on the impressive resources found in the extensive NGO and peace research sector present in Oslo. Guest lectures are given by Jan Egeland (Director of NRC and former UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs), Kai Eide (former UN Special Envoy to Afghanistan), Erik Møse (former President of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda) and Raymond Apthorpe (LSE, SOAS) amongst others.

Bjørknes University College, Oslo, Norway

HøyskolenBjørknes University College is the first and only institution in Norway to offer an undergraduate programme in Peace and Conflict Studies, and we host study abroad students on our campus in the centre of Oslo every year. The college has a staff of young, enthusiastic scholars who are dedicated to the field and teaching. Courses in Peace and Conflict Studies and International Relations are offered in English during the autumn semester (August-December) in an international teaching environment together with Norwegian students. The semester represents a highly attractive opportunity for students looking for a unique study abroad experience.

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