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Research and Development

It is an overarching goal for Bjørknes University College to foster and promote high quality research, and to include students in this process. By communicating results from our research and academic development, we are a part of creating knowledge and renewal in a number of important sectors.

Research Strategy at Bjørknes University College

The research strategic work is led by the principal, joined by a research director. The research director heads the research and development committee (RDC) at Bjørknes University College. The RDC includes representatives from other institutions of education, students, PhD fellows and other academic staff, which advice the management and board in cases related to research and development.

About the Research and Development Committee

Even though Bjørknes University College is one of the smaller institutions for education, we prioritize the research of our own academic staff. The board has the overall responsibility of research and makes strategic priorities, based on the research strategy. The research and development committee advices the leadership at the University College in questions related to research and has a special responsibility of the research strategy. The research conducted at Bjørknes University College is mainly done by the academic staff, we have researchers as PhD fellows, post doc/1. amanuensis, and at professor level. It is an overarching goal for Bjørknes University College to foster and promote high quality research within relevant disciplines, as well as to include students in this process.

Research within all our Disciplines

Bjørknes University College cooperates closely with both national and international research institutions. Some of our projects are within the following subjects:

  • Nutrition toxicology and metabolism
  • Physiology
  • Sports physiology
  • Disease mechanisms
  • International Relations
  • African Studies
  • Organization management
  • Consumer psychology

Research Staff at Bjørknes University College

Ivar Sjaastad, Research Director
Kjetil Tronvoll, Professor
Henrik Syse, Adjunct Professor
Bernt Hagtvet, Adjunct Professor
Christopher White, Associate Professor
Hilde Eliassen Restad, Associate Professor
Nadim Khoury, Associate Professor
Nikolai Brandal, Associate Professor
Tore Pedersen, Associate Professor
Anne Kjeldsen, Associate Professor
Joshua Phelps, Associate Professor
Alf Børre Kanten, Associate Professor
Marianne Molin, Associate Professor
Dagfinn Aune, Associate Professor
Magnus Aronsen, Associate Professor
Helga Sanner, Associate Professor
Zoltan Barth, Researcher on Chronic Rheumatism
Einar S. Nordèn, Lecturer

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