Opptaksprøvene til medisin- tannlege- og veterinærstudier i Sentral-Europa baserer seg blant annet på kjemi. Kjemikurset er et intensivt helgeseminar (lørdag og søndag) hvor du får en teoretisk gjennomgang av aktuelle kjemi- og biokjemi-emner, gjennomgang av tidligere opptaksprøver med mer.

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Intensivt forberedelseskurs kjemi

Helgekurs: lørdag og søndag kl 09-17 begge dager. Presentasjoner og kursmateriell er på engelsk mens undervisningen i hovedsak foregår på norsk.

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About the chemistry course

The purpose of this intensive course is to briefly go through the high school curriculum from chemistry, in order to refresh the student’s knowledge prior the entry exam to the Medical Universities. Each topic shown below is discussed through a slide presentation pointing out those areas, which could be hard to understand and/or appears frequently in multiple choice tests or oral exams. Following each major topic, we will go through the relevant test questions of the previous years. First the students will have time to solve the tests themselves, and afterwards we will discuss which answer is the correct one, and why it is the right answer. Those students who could solve a question (usually the ones requiring calculations) correctly have the opportunity to show at the blackboard how to solve the given task for the others. The course is very interactive. Students have the opportunity to raise questions during the whole time of the course, even during the slide presentations. Each student will receive a handout from all slide presentations prior the seminars start in order to be able to take notes, and have a good overview for the home preparations for the entry exam. The students will also receive the solution of all tests we practice on with a detailed explanation of how to answer the question correctly.

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