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DML6020 Service Marketing: AI and Robots

The course provides an overview of the essential concepts of service marketing as well as focuses on the role of digitalization, AI, and robotics in service sector.

shopping cart and value chain

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The course literature stems from research on service, customer relationship management, as well as human computer interaction. Students learn about the essential concepts of service marketing (e.g., different typologies of goods, customer relationship management, customer satisfaction, service recovery paradox etc.). Student obtain critical perspective on the relationship between digital and human service providers. 

After completing this course, the student is expected to have acquired the following learning outcomes:


  • Has knowledge about the state of research and practice in service marketing research
  • Has insights into the role of digitalization for service design and delivery
  • Has learned the essential concepts of service marketing as well as how these concepts fit into the company’s business model
  • Has knowledge about the differences in organizing and managing service delivery process by human and digital (non-human) agents


  • Can demonstrate customer relationship management skills (e.g., providing customer service, doing crisis management etc.)
  • Can assess which areas of service that require training of human service agents or digital (non-human) service agents
  • Can evaluate how effective and successful a company is in developing and delivering customer service by using tools for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Can produce basic digital content suitable for service chatbots 


  • Understands the link between service marketing, value creation, and value appropriation 
  • Understands differences in human and digital (non-human) service delivery
  • Can identify and handle ethical challenges that arise in service delivery processes
  • Understands the importance of service marketing from an international perspective

The requirement must be passed in accordance to given deadline in order to register for the exams.

  • Written assignment (pass/fail)

This course consists of 3 hours written exam, 1 hour with multiple choice and 2 hours with written assignment, that constitute the final grade, grading system A-F.