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DML6040 User-driven innovation and product design

The course is designed to provide students with an introduction to key topics in user-driven innovation.

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It reviews the difference between user-driven innovation, as opposed to company-driven innovation. In addition, the course focuses on how companies can involve customers in the value creation process. Various aspects of innovation and how companies can stimulate user-driven innovation are presented. The student will acquire knowledge, skills and general competence that can be used in the preparation and implementation of an innovation project.

After completing this course, the student is expected to have acquired the following learning outcomes:


  • Can explain the prerequisites for and differences between user-driven and company-driven innovation
  • Has knowledge about goods and services that are particularly suitable for user-driven innovation
  • Has knowledge of basic concepts of design thinking and how it helps companies develop product concepts and articulate value
  • Has knowledge of research and development work within the subject area
  • Can update their knowledge within user-driven innovation and product design


  • Can carry out an initial analysis of product design requirements based on customer needs
  • Can identify and map user groups and environments
  • Can use methods and knowledge from the subject area to design and optimize the user-friendliness of products and services


  • Can initiate, lead and carry out project work within user-driven innovation
  • Understands the role of customers and users in the innovation process
  • Can plan and carry out work tasks and projects alone and as a participant in a group and in line with ethical requirements and guidelines within user-driven innovation
  • Can analyze, reflect on and discuss professional issues related to user-driven innovation
  • Recognises the importance of obtaining feedback from a diverse range of customers across countries

The requirement must be passed in accordance to given deadline in order to register for the exams.

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This course consists of 3 weeks take home exam (individual or group), that constitute the final grade, grading system A-F.